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Introduction to Shamanic Healing

Are you ready to embark on your journey to clear all the old stories and limiting beliefs that are creating struggle and unwanted patterns in your life? This class will get you started! This is a content-rich class that will enable you to see what has been blocking you, how these limiting beliefs and unwanted patterns are formed, and how they can be cleared. You will discover how you have been projecting the limiting beliefs you hold onto your world and, as a result, continuing to attract life experiences that reinforce those beliefs. You will learn how shamanic healing works with the energy field, subconscious mind and soul to identify and clear your unwanted patterns. Come ready to be amazed at what you learn!

Facilitating Past Life Regressions

Have you always wondered about your past lifetimes? Do you experience déjà vu with certain places and time periods? This class will teach you to facilitate Past Life Regressions for others and for yourself! This is a wonderful and beautiful way to gain insight into why you are drawn to certain places or cultures, or perhaps why you have certain fears or phobias, or the first lifetime you had with a loved one. In a Past Life Regression, you actually experience being the person you were in that lifetime…seeing, hearing and feeling as you did as that person. It is a profound and safe way to know more about yourself and your soul’s history. You will give and receive a past life regression as part of the class!

Discover Your Passion and Purpose

Is the occupation you chose as a teenager or young adult really a reflection of who you are now? Do you wake up each morning excited about beginning your “work” day? If you would like to transform your vocation into something that provides both passion and prosperity, this class is for you. Through a series of experiential practicums, you will discover your gifts, talents and your soul’s calling. The result is a vocation that is filled with fun and passion, grounded in a deep sense of purpose, and providing the prosperity that you desire.

Heal Your Relationship with Money!

Our society and culture teach us that money is scarce, something we must struggle for, and can be lost overnight due to forces beyond our control. I developed and first taught this class in October, 2008, just as the credit markets and stock market tumbled. The classroom was full with entrepreneurs who were tense about whether their businesses would survive, yet alone thrive. Through the tools taught in this class, they thrived through the recession, realizing that they, not the economy, controlled their level of prosperity. Through a series of exercises, you will discover the limiting beliefs you hold about money, and how to change these so that you can take total control of your financial reality. If you are struggling with financial prosperity, or fear of loss, this class is for you!

Healing Your Ancestral Patterns

We live out the patterns, both wanted and unwanted, of our ancestors. All of the trauma our ancestors experienced left an energetic imprint in their DNA . Of course, we have their DNA. This is why unhealthy patterns continue from generation to generation. Ancestral healing is based on the belief that the traumatic events and struggles that your ancestors experienced is actively affecting your life…energetically, emotionally and physically. Through a series of exercises, you will discover and clear their wounded stories, and bring in their beautiful lessons for your life. This not only heals your life, but also heals your ancestors and descendants.

Clearing and Blessing Your Sacred Space

This class has been very popular with small business owners, real estate agents, people moving into a new home, and all who want their living or business space to hold beautiful energy that enhances the quality of their lives. Our emotions create an energetic effect on the space around us. Heavy energies can remain in the physical space long after the emotions have subsided. Have you ever entered a building or room that gave you the creeps? Or one that felt uplifting to you immediately? The residents or prior residents of a home or business space may have held fear or anger, or may have had arguments or painful experiences in that space. The heavy energies of these emotions remain in the space, causing further negative emotions and unwanted experiences. I call them “energetic dustbunnies”, and they can be cleared just as one clears literal dust by cleaning and vacuuming. The result is a space that you are free to write your own story in…your story of joy and prosperity.

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