Who’s In Charge?

October 6th, 2014 by Chris Krohn  |  Comment

by Chris Krohn

You are the owner of a growing company with a promising future. You decide to hire a Director of Operations to lead your company on its quest for increasing sales, developing new products and tapping into new markets.

Two candidates have applied.

You interview the first candidate, and you ask her probing questions about how she has handled various situations in her career. She seems to have a negative mentality, focusing on the downside, seeing and amplifying the risks in any situation. She is proud of the fact that she can always spot what is “wrong” with an idea, an employee, or a project that others are excited about. She assures you that she will keep your company safe from making mistakes.

You interview the second candidate, asking him the same questions. You find him to be a very “can-do” manager. He finds the opportunity in every situation, and believes that your company can and will achieve greatness. He sees obstacles as temporary setbacks, just problems to be solved on the way to success. His attitude toward employees is to bring out the best in them, to coach and encourage them. He assures you that he will lead your company to one success after another.

Which one would you hire?


Each of us has both of these managers inside us, the inner creator and the inner critic. They are the voices inside us that either encourage or discourage us from pursuing our dreams. The inner critic creates excuses for not taking action, telling us we are neither capable nor deserving, and will fail if we try. The inner critic even sets up situations for us to self-sabotage, and then blames the situation. The inner creator, however, sees all the possibilities and encourages us to pursue them. The creator knows we are both capable and deserving, and encourages us to fully express our greatness. The creator knows that there may be some bumps in the road, but does not allow them to hinder our growth.

Which one have you put in charge of your life?

If your life is directed by the inner critic, you have the choice send him packing and, instead, put the inner creator fully in charge. This is a choice we make each and every moment of our lives. Pay attention to your self-talk. Is it negative and full of excuses why you should not pursue what you want? Does it talk of your faults and shortcomings? If your inner critic has been in charge, you can begin to change this with your awareness of your thoughts. Each time you hear the critic, send him away and bring in your inner creator. By allowing only can-do thoughts, you will come to realize how amazing you truly are, full of talents and surrounded by opportunities to express yourself fully and bring your dreams into reality. Each time you silence the critic and give the microphone to the creator, you take an important step in shifting your consciousness and shifting your life.

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