What If Everything You’ve Learned About Life You Learned Backwards?

September 4th, 2018 by Chris Krohn  |  Comment

by Chris Krohn

Yes, that’s right. What if all the Life’s Lessons you learned since childhood are actually backwards from the truth?

From our parents, families, teachers, popular media and society, we learned “how it is”. Things like “No Pain, No Gain”, “Money is the root of all Evil”, believing that our happiness lies with other people and situations, that things in life happen to us, and that life is a struggle. These beliefs keep us in lack, struggle, powerlessness, and anxiety, but the good news is that all these life lessons are backwards from the truth.

Let’s tackle these one-by-one.

Lack and Scarcity

Society teaches us that we have to compete for money, success and resources in general. For you to have more, that means that someone else has to have less. Think about how much strife this belief causes in our world, and in your world. When we hold a scarcity mind-set, we attract situations that reinforce this, so we struggle and worry that we won’t have enough. The truth is everyone can have enough, and more than enough. When we unplug from a belief in scarcity, we find that we attract abundance of all that we need. And, more importantly, that your abundance is not affected by anyone else’s abundance. If you feel that you are the “99%”, feel resentful of the “1%”, or you worry about not having enough, clear that belief so that you can plug into the truth that you can have what you need and want, and so can everyone else.

Your Happiness is Dependent on Others

 Have you ever tried to change someone? Did it ever work? No, it didn’t, and it just left you (and them) drained and frustrated and, perhaps, damaged the relationship. Have you ever tried to change for someone else because they wanted you to? Did it work? Probably not. The boss who doesn’t value you, the spouse who doesn’t love or respect you enough, the kids who don’t listen to you, the friends who judge you, or the people in control of the government. They are who they are and will do what they do. But they don’t determine your happiness. You do. You and only you. Your happiness is your responsibility. And their happiness is their responsibility. Work on you.

Your Destiny is Carved in Stone, and Unknown to You

Not true. You have many, many paths available to you. Your destiny is not some secret destination that is pre-determined for you, and that you won’t know about until you get there. Your soul did choose a “highest destiny”, and you can discover this through shamanic journeying or a beautiful process called Destiny Retrieval, but you still have free will. You can know your highest destiny and choose to follow it, or not. And you can change your mind later, and change your mind again. Have you ever had a psychic tell you your future? All the psychic is doing is looking at your past and present choices, and seeing where those choices will lead you if you do nothing different. Your past and present, however, do not determine your future. You can change anything at any time, and embark upon a new path toward your dreams.

My Genetics Determine My Health

While I believe that our genetic inheritance is a factor in our health, it is only one of many factors. Don’t give it power over you. The heavy emotions, heavy energies and limiting beliefs we hold within us play an important role in our health. Science has shown that good health comes when we feel happy, loved, joyful and in control of our lives. Work on clearing the obstacles to these and watch your health improve.

Life is a Struggle

It will be if you believe it will be. The universe is benign, and is only responding to what you hold within – the unhealed parts of yourself, the old wounded stories and limiting beliefs. If you experience struggle, clearing those unhealed areas will free you from it. Also, bring your awareness to your thoughts and words. Catch yourself thinking or saying phrases that feed into the belief in struggle. Phrases like, “No pain, no gain”. Each time you have one of these thoughts, replace it with a thought like, “My life flows with ease”.

Life Happens to Me. I am Not in Control of It.

Indeed, you are in control of it. Complete control. Seven billion people in the world are each on their own journey, saying what they say, doing what they do. You are in complete control of you. Your life, your happiness, your health, your abundance. Nothing is being done “to you”. As you clear the old stories and limiting beliefs you hold, you come fully into your power to create your life exactly as you want it!

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