“I am a current student of Chris’ shamanic training classes.  Sometimes when taking spiritual classes in the past, I have been disappointed because what was promised was not delivered.  Chris has however,  exceeded my expectations in her knowledge, the personal attention she gives to her students and in her complete integrity as a shamanic teacher and guide.  I highly recommend Chris to anyone wanting to learn the shamanic path in light and integrity.  She is one of a kind.”  In love and peace – Linda PriceKing, VA

“I received my training as a shaman from Chris, and now have my own shamanic practice. She is an amazing and inspiring teacher, and very thorough in teaching each shamanic healing process, observing her students as they practice their skills, and supporting us throughout the entire program. In addition, she teaches in ways that bring all the shamanic wisdom and healing into her students’ lives, so we clear our own baggage, issues and limitations while we are learning to heal others. I highly recommend Chris for anyone wanting to step fully into shamanism and shamanic healing.” Jerry M., Richmond, VA

“My first session cleared negative thoughts that were affecting my family life and my business. Every aspect of my life has changed for the better. My family life is fantastic and the sales at my business have increased dramatically. God is faithful and her ability is prophetic from Him. Chris is absolutely wonderful and I would encourage anyone who feels stuck to contact her.” Lois, Brentwood, CA

“Chris helped me to remove the obstacles that were preventing me from meeting my full potential. Even though I had been already been somewhat practicing a few of the techniques in the past, Chris, in one session, worked with me to clear old pain and beliefs and bring in a “new map” for my life, taking me to the next level and beyond. I once considered myself a successful entrepreneur, however through the healing I experienced with her and the tools that she has taught me, my business has gone in a direction that I never dreamed possible. I now enjoy financial abundance, health, and more joy with my family. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to have all their dreams come into reality.”  Darren, Brentwood, CA

“For years, I struggled with the practical necessity of providing for my family in a job that I felt was draining me. Despite my secure employment, it just seemed that it was never enough and I could never get ahead. In just two sessions with Chris, my life started to turn around. I came to see that I was the master of my life, and could create an income doing something I enjoyed. Within a month, a had a job offer out of the blue that brought a much higher income, and working in a field that I had been interested in for a long time. I highly recommend Chris for anyone who is ready to have it all!”  Tom Riebald, Raleigh, NC

“One of my students, a 10-year-old boy diagnosed autistic, had never communicated or made eye contact and did not play. After one session with Chris, he became AWAKE – talking, smiling, playing with other kids, and showing a great sense of humor. It was like seeing someone come out of a coma!!! In the year since, she has worked with 2 of my other students, also developmentally disabled, with similarly transformational results.” Ann Dowling ~ Special Education Teacher, Livermore, CA

“All I can say is, ‘Wow!” I have never felt so empowered in every area of my life. I have been out of college only a few years, and getting started in my career as a business manager had been filling me with fear. I was worried about the economy, the security of my employer, and whether I had chosen the right path. Working with Chris has given me the clarity to pursue my passion as a restaurateur and, more importantly, the knowledge that I will be successful. In just a few months, I have developed my plan, attracted investors, leased space and completed the design. We open next month! I am on top of the world!” Julia, Syracuse, NY

“I was let go when my employer downsized in 2009 and, needless to say, filled with fear over how I would support my family. I am now working for another company in a position much higher up and earning twice what I was before. Chris cleared me of the negative thought patterns that were creating my struggle, and gave me a solid belief that I can create whatever I want for my life. I highly recommend her and the work she does.”  Richard S., Raleigh, NC

“I have been blessed with a successful career that allowed me to accumulate wealth and a great standard of living. Despite this, I have always worried about losing it all (childhood stuff, my parents’ fears and limiting beliefs), and these fears inhibited my enjoyment of life. I am so grateful that I crossed paths with Chris, and that she was able to rid me of those old stories and baggage. I am even more successful now, and able to enjoy it all!”  Miriam, Seattle, WA

“Chris and The Medicine Wheel experience have profoundly changed my life. I see life through different eyes. I am an empath so I would pick up other peoples’ energy and it was starting to make me feel sick. I now have the tools to not absorb other peoples energy.  Change your story, change your life. I realized that if I was/am doing the work to change my life and my story, I was no longer going to continue to allow the people around me tell the same story. Meaning no more drama! I have changed, so the people around me have changed. Chris has not just helped me, she has helped everyone I meet! I will forever be thankful!!!” Tammy O., Raleigh, NC

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