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This certification program is designed around two objectives – to clear all that has been holding you back from living your dreams and to teach you the tools to maintain your shift, and also to do healing work with others. Over the course of one year, you will learn all the healing tools and wisdom of shamanic healing, and go through the four directions of the Medicine Wheel experientially. You will identify and release old patterns, limiting core beliefs and heavy energies from your body, mind and soul as you learn and embody the healing tools of the shaman. With each phase of the Medicine Wheel, you will see your reality shift to what you desire…and you will create with ease. You will learn your soul’s journey, and your destiny in this lifetime. At the completion of the program, you will receive certification as a Certified Shamanic Practitioner.

Many graduates of this program have created their own shamanic practices, and have found their passion and purpose in bringing these powerful tools of transformation to their clients and to the world. Some take this program solely to enrich the quality of their own lives.

Each direction of the Medicine Wheel is approximately 4 months in duration, each beginning with a 4 day class where you learn the wisdom, medicine and healing tools of that direction. I keep the classes small so you will form sacred bonds with your classmates that will last a lifetime, and receive individual attention and support. During the four months between classes you will further and anchor the shift you are making by bringing the tools you have learned to your own life, and by doing “trades” with other students so that you can gain experience and continue your clearing. I support you with monthly coaching sessions in the months between classes.

You will learn and master:

  • Clearing and balancing the energy field and chakras
  • Repairing chakras
  • Clearing crystallized energies (responsible for many chronic aches and pains)
  • Mythic Mapping
  • Decoupling – process for releasing anxiety and PTSD
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Clearing heavy energies from physical spaces
  • Spirit Releasement
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Spirit Flight
  • Destiny Retrieval
  • The Death Rites – working with those preparing to cross over
  • Healing souls who have already crossed over

You will create a mesa (portable altar), which will contain your kuyas (sacred healing stones), as well as other objects sacred to your journey. Your mesa is connected to you at the level of your soul, and will be with you throughout your life’s journey to support your medicine and your power of conscious creation.

You will receive 8 of the Munay-Ki Rites…ancient, sacred rites in the tradition of the Inca shamans of the Peruvian Andes. These rites awaken your luminous nature and connect you with the lineage of medicine men and women throughout time. The 9th and final rite, The Creator Rite, may be given to you upon completion of the program.

The sections below provide more information about each direction. Dates of new groups forming can be found in the left column under Shamanic Training and Medicine Wheel Program.

 If you are ready to shift your world and create your dreams, I look forward to guiding you on your journey!

Four Directions

The Four Directions of Dreaming Your World Into Being
The Medicine Wheel…

Stepping Into Your Becoming – The South

In the South you begin your journey with seeing the patterns that have been holding you back…causing struggle and frustration. You begin to release the limiting core beliefs and heavy energies that have caused these patterns. As your world begins to shift, you feel a joyful sense of purpose and the powerful knowing that you can create from a place of beautiful intention.

The South is the direction of Serpent. Just as the serpent must shed her old skin before the new skin can come, we must let go of all that no longer serves us so that we may be reborn to the life we wish to create and step fully into our destiny.

In the South you will learn the Illumination…the shamanic process of clearing your energy field of all heavy energetic imprints. These imprints cause the limiting core beliefs and thoughts that have been holding you in stress and struggle. As you release these imprints, you will notice that your vitality and joy increase significantly. Your world will begin to reflect back to you the “new skin” you are now holding. You will also learn Mythic Mapping, Decoupling and to Repair Chakras.

You will also receive the first 4 Munay-Ki rites…the Bands of Power, the Harmony Rite, the Healer’s Rite and the Seer’s Rite. The Munay-Ki are the rites of the Q’ero/Inca shamans of Peru. These rites are energetic seeds planted in your energy field that shift your being and your world, guiding and assisting you on your journey.

Beyond Fear and Into the Life of Your Choosing – The West

It is said that all things are created from either love or fear. When we create from a place of fear, we create drama, ill-health, conflict, struggle and scarcity. When we create from a place of love, we create joy, vitality and the abundance of all that we desire.

In the West you step beyond fear…learning its lessons so you can release it and hold only love and beauty in your life.  You will visit the lessons from your ancestors and transform those lessons into gifts that you will embody and carry with you. You will continue to clear and shift your luminous energy field, and feel that you have re-gained the youthful energy of joy.

The West is the direction of Jaguar, who guides us to see and release heavy and undesirable emotions. Jaguar helps us to become Luminous Beings, with no need for enemies or fear.

The shamanic healing tools you will learn in the West are Spirit Releasement,  Clearing Crystallized Energies, and Clearing Heavy Energies from Physical Spaces. It is not uncommon for souls departing their bodies to remain in the earthly plane instead of going to the Light. These souls are lost and may live inside a person or a physical space or on the land. This can be a cause of addictions, negative thought patterns, changes in behavior, or a heavy energy felt inside a home. Spirit Releasement engages the lost soul with love and connection and guides it home to the Light. Crystallized Energies are felt as physical aches and pains that we accept as aging or the result of injury. By removing these energies, the pain that a person may have felt for years just disappears.

In the West you will receive the 5th Munay-Ki Rite…the Pampamesayoq (Daykeeper) Rite. This rite connects you to the sacred places of Earth, such as Stonehenge and Machu Picchu, as well as sacred caves and waterfalls. As you connect with these places, you feel their energy guiding and assisting your journey. This rite also connects you with the lineage of healers that have walked the Earth for tens of thousands of years.

Mastering Your Power of Creation – The North

In the North you embody the freedom to create…free of that which you have shifted, and from your roles and attachments. You step into the joy of life and the knowing that all things are possible when you are open to receiving.

The North is the direction of Hummingbird. These sweet birds can do what no other bird can do – fly in any direction they choose…forward, backward, sideways, up, down, or hovering in stillness. They can fly hundreds of miles at a time. Hummingbird also teaches you to drink from the sweet nectar of life, living in pure joy.

In the North you will begin to work at the level of the soul, learning the shamanic healing tool Soul Retrieval. When we experience trauma a part of our soul leaves us because it does not feel safe. Also from this trauma, our soul creates a “soul contract” – a powerful and negative declaration relevant to that trauma. Once a soul contract is created, it stays with the soul lifetime after lifetime, creating unwanted patterns in our lives. As our souls have existed for many lifetimes, we come into this life with parts of our soul missing, and with many negative soul contracts. The Soul Retrieval process restores the lost soul parts and clears the old contracts. You will also be given a metaphorical gift and a power animal to guide you on your journey.

In the West you will receive the 6th Munay-Ki Rite…the Altomesayoq (Wisdomkeeper) Rite. This rite connects you with the sacred power of the high mountains, revered through the millennia as the places where the human and the divine join. You will be connected to the lineage of medicine men and women who, throughout the ages, have derived their power from the mountains, stepping outside of time and into infinity.

Dreaming Your World Into Being – The East

In the East you become the Visionary…envisioning your destiny and creating all that you desire from the fusion of energy and intention. You will watch in wonder as your metamorphosis unfolds to bring your world into balance. Your new luminous energy field is reflected back to you in all aspects of your life.

The East is the direction of Eagle. This sacred and majestic bird flies high and can, in the same view, see for hundreds of miles and also see a rabbit moving through the brush on the ground. Similarly, your worldview will expand. You will see and understand the connectedness and purpose of all aspects of your life. Your soul’s journey will become clear to you, and your chosen destiny will illuminate before you.

The shamanic healing tools of the East are Spirit Flight, the Death Rites, Healing Souls Already Crossed Over, and Destiny Retrieval. In Spirit Flight, you are able to release your luminous energy field to travel to other places and dimensions. This is done both to see with new eyes, as the eagle does, and to cleanse your energy field. The Death Rites are performed to prepare someone to transition from this life. It is a profoundly beautiful process of completion for the person and his or her loved ones. The luminous energy field is cleared and prepared, and the person is able to reflect back on life, and share with loved ones the heartfelt “I love you’s” that will leave him or her feeling complete in this lifetime. At the time of transition, the shaman guides the energy field and the soul to the Light.

In the East you will receive the 7th and 8th Munay-Ki Rites…the Kurak Akuyek (Earthkeeper) Rite and the Mosok Karpay (Starkeeper) Rite. The Kurak Akuyek connects you to the lineage of archangels who are the guardians of our galaxy, and who provide guidance and protection to the Earthkeepers. The Mosok Karpay installs you as a guardian of all time to come, and all generations to come. As you evolve energetically in this lifetime, you become a steward of the shift taking place on Earth, and your higher vibration assists this shift to unfold with beauty and grace.

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Class Fees and Terms:

  • The fee for each 4-day class is $600. This includes coaching in the months between classes.
  • A monthly payment option is available, which is $200 per month for 12 months.
  • Fees may be paid by check, money order, or cash.
  • Each class fee is due at the beginning of class. No refunds will be made once the class has started.

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