Hypnotherapy Training

If you have a healing practice, or desire to have one, hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective set of tools that will enable you to bring deep and lasting transformation to your clients.

Hypnotherapy works with accessing and healing the Subconscious Mind. This is where the old stories and limiting beliefs reside.  Hypnotherapy works directly with the Subconscious Mind to heal and re-program the self-sabotaging beliefs that are holding a person back from living their best life.

For those of you who work in the healing arts, hypnotherapy is widely recognized, accepted and mainstream. If you are not in the healing arts, it is a wonderful set of skills to have for your own well-being, and to work with loved ones.

This is a certification program, and you will learn to work with inner child healing, family healing, skill enhancement, addictions, past life regressions, habit control, anxiety, phobias, pain management, self-hypnosis, basic NLP, re-framing unpleasant life experiences, dreamwork, mythic and symbolic work, visioning, and preparing for childbirth, surgery and dental procedures.

Taught in a small-group format, you will receive attention and support through the course of the program. The program is done in 4 classes, each of a two-day duration. Classes are every other month. Homework will be assigned at the end of each class, to be completed before the next class.

The cost is $500 per class ($2,000 total). A monthly payment plan of $250 per month for eight months is available. Please contact Chris at chris@createyourdreams.com or go to the Register Page if you are interested, and we will schedule a consult where I can explain the program more fully and answer any questions you have.

Class Fees and Terms:

  • The fee for each class is $500.
  • Fees may be paid by cash, check, or money order.
  • Each class fee is due at the beginning of class. No refunds will be made once the class has started.
  • A monthly payment plan is available. Contact Chris for information.

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