How the Shaman Dreams the World Into Being

May 21st, 2019 by Chris Krohn  |  Comment

by Chris Krohn

We have been dreaming our world into being every moment of our lives. Yet, until we realize this, and raise our consciousness, we were not aware that we held this power of creation. We live our lives guided by our wounded and limiting beliefs, convinced that we are powerless and that we are the victims of events beyond our control. As we feel more and more powerless, our wounded and limiting beliefs grow stronger, making our world smaller and giving us more experiences that tell us that we are victims of a hostile world. The cycle continues, making us feel increasingly helpless, fearful and angry. 

The Shaman knows that we are the creators, that we can consciously dream our world into being through our intentions, and by knowing that we are one with universal energy. The belief that we are separate from the universe, from the divine, is a cultural belief held by our society. Most of us learned, when we were very young, that we are separate from the divine, that we must earn our way to the divine through our actions, that we must pray to the divine and fear the divine. That we are helpless creatures bound by our human limitations. These feelings of separation and helplessness result in fear, competition, lack and scarcity, and anger. We want to feel powerful over our own lives, but we don’t, and this leads to most, if not all, of the problems we experience as individuals, communities, nations, and our in the world. 

The Shaman knows that this separation is just an illusion. That each of us is part of the divine, the universe, our planet, and each other. There is no separation. We only perceive separation because our culture has taught us this. As a result, we hold limiting beliefs about ourselves, our world, and our place in the world. The Shaman knows that we are all one, created by divine universal energy and, therefore, part of the universal energy. Each of us is on our own distinct journey, yet we are always part of the whole. It is said that the Shaman is the bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world, and can work between the two worlds to bring about healing, insight and balance. The Shaman can do this because, energetically and spiritually, the two worlds are one. A seamless existence across space and time. We are in human form (for now), but our true essence is that of our soul, created by divine universal energy, and always part of that divine universal energy.

The Shaman has done his or her personal healing work, removing the old wounded stories and limiting beliefs that created the perception of separation and helplessness. Thus, the Shaman transcends the limitations perceived by others, and is free to co-create with universal energy.

Each person can reach this state of dreaming their world into being, and you don’t have to be a Shaman to do this! By raising your consciousness and doing your personal work of clearing the effects of old wounds and limiting beliefs, you can come into the knowing that you are divine universal energy, a powerful co-creator with the universe. You can transcend the perceived limitations of separateness, and cease colluding with the limitations perceived by others. By doing your personal healing work, setting your positive intentions, not feeding into the perceptions of others, and visioning your life and your world as you want them to be, you can bring your amazing powers of co-creation fully into your reality, and watch your life transform. 

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