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Do you feel stuck in one or more areas of your life? Have you tried and tried to make the changes you desire, with little or no success?

There are times during our lives when we experience pain, disappointment, struggle or trauma. Problems with relationships, money, job, family, illness or childhood experiences leave us with emotional wounds, limiting beliefs and limiting stories about ourselves and the world. Though time passes and we move on from these experiences, we still carry these beliefs and stories that cause the unwanted patterns to continue. Because the origins of these negative beliefs and stories are in your energy field, subconscious mind and soul, willpower alone will not change them.

You may know when certain situations or people “push your buttons”, and how you feel and react to these. You try to over-ride these feelings and reactions, but the real solution is to remove the buttons.

Shamanic Healing tracks to the origins of the unwanted patterns and emotions – the heavy energies, karmic soul contracts and self-sabotaging beliefs – and clears them at the source. It is like pulling weeds from a garden. If you pull the bloom off of the weeds, the garden looks nice for a few days. Since the root is still present, however, the weed will grow back. In your personal session, the root is uncovered and cleared, leaving you free to create based on your desires, not limited by the patterns of the past.

Your Personal Session

In your personal healing session, the area where you feel stuck will be traced back to its origin in your karmic history and your current lifetime, and cleared at these sources. It will be cleared from your energy field, subconscious mind and your soul, freeing you of the old, negative beliefs and stories and empowering you to create a new story based on your dreams and desires. You will be guided to see the beautiful lessons that those old patterns held for you, and you will learn how to embody these positive lessons in your life.

Your initial session is about 60 minutes in duration, and is often effective in completely clearing the unwanted pattern. In some cases a deeper layer of the issue may surface in 4 – 6 weeks and, if that is the case, a second session may be necessary.

You should fully integrate the shift from the first unwanted pattern you have cleared before having a session to clear another unwanted pattern in your life. We will talk about this in your first session.

* You should continue to see a physician for physical issues, in addition to receiving shamanic healing.

Initial Session Fee: $200 ($50 discount if you sign up for the Create Your Dreams newsletter)
On-going Session Fee: $150

Initial Session + 4 On-going Sessions   $650 (save $100)
5 On-going Sessions   $650 (save $100)

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