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Shamanic Healing: Making Profound and Lasting Change in Your Life

Friday, July 10th, 2015

by Chris Krohn

Do you have unwanted patterns in your life? Those areas where you try your best to make the changes you want, but are unable to make these changes or sustain them?

What if everything you’ve been taught about how to create joy, love, health and prosperity in life was backwards? We are taught to make changes in our lives through willpower alone, yet willpower comes from the conscious mind, which is a very small part of what actually controls our reality.

To understand how we create our reality, and how we can change it, we must look at the true sources of     the patterns in our lives.

Everything about our reality is perceived, based on what stories and beliefs we hold within us. Imagine that you are wearing magnets all over your body. Each magnet represents a belief you hold, conscious or subconscious, pleasant or unpleasant. These beliefs stem from our experiences in this lifetime, the karmic effects from traumas in previous lifetimes, and the lessons our soul incarnated to learn. Through all of the magnets we are wearing, we are projecting all of these beliefs and stories out into our world, and our world reflects these back to us through the experiences we have.  We call this reality.

In order to change the reality we are experiencing, we simply need to clear the magnets (limiting beliefs and stories) that are creating our unwanted patterns.

This is the work of the shaman.