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Autumn Clearing

Monday, October 6th, 2014

by Chris Krohnjapan-autumn-leaves

Ahhh, the cooler weather has arrived and soon the leaves will turn into nature’s symphony of beautiful colors.

Just as summer is a time for expansion and growth, autumn is a time for clearing in order to make way for rebirth. It is a time to go within…to nurture ourselves and renew our desire to live life to our fullest potential…to create our dreams.

As nature clears herself in this season, so are we invited to clear the stories and beliefs that create unwanted patterns in our lives.

When we experience painful events or trauma, an “imprint” is formed in our energy field which, if not cleared, adversely affects our emotional, mental and physical well-being. We experience self-defeating thoughts and feelings, which continue to re-create painful experiences and limitations in our lives. The effects of these imprints move into the subconscious mind, making them unavailable for us to clear through willpower or traditional therapy. We develop our mental maps of life, our perceptions of ourselves and our world, from these limiting beliefs in our subconscious mind. These mental maps become our stories of “I am not good enough”, “I am not deserving of success”, “That illness runs in my family”, “Only certain people are destined for success”, “If I love, I will be betrayed”, and so on. In short, these beliefs run our lives. Our karmic history also contains painful events, which can create “soul contracts” that follow our soul through time, causing unwanted patterns.


Who’s In Charge?

Monday, October 6th, 2014

by Chris Krohn

You are the owner of a growing company with a promising future. You decide to hire a Director of Operations to lead your company on its quest for increasing sales, developing new products and tapping into new markets.

Two candidates have applied.

You interview the first candidate, and you ask her probing questions about how she has handled various situations in her career. She seems to have a negative mentality, focusing on the downside, seeing and amplifying the risks in any situation. She is proud of the fact that she can always spot what is “wrong” with an idea, an employee, or a project that others are excited about. She assures you that she will keep your company safe from making mistakes.

You interview the second candidate, asking him the same questions. You find him to be a very “can-do” manager. He finds the opportunity in every situation, and believes that your company can and will achieve greatness. He sees obstacles as temporary setbacks, just problems to be solved on the way to success. His attitude toward employees is to bring out the best in them, to coach and encourage them. He assures you that he will lead your company to one success after another.

Which one would you hire?